Ma Baglamukhi Peeth

In part of Vedas and Puranas, the Guru of Asuras (Demons) had preformed Sadhna of Goddess Baglamukhi at the place where Ma Baglamukhi Peeth is located these days. It is believed to be the same place where the Asuras received the Brahmastra (a weapon of God Brahma). Brahmastra was used to repress all the Devatas. The weapon, Brahmastra was so powerful that the Davas become extremely puny and Asuras powerful.

Now, after thousands of years, Acharya Atulya Nath, has established Ma Baglamukhi Pitambara Peeth. The place is unique and has a special aura where many Sadhakas come to perform different types of Sadhanas.

People made victims of illness, enemy, and loans, come to the place to worship Bagalamukhi to get rid of these problems. The land of Asuras’ Guru Shukracharya is believed to be a special place and is believe to retain divine powers.

Acharya Atulya Nath in Yagya at Bagalamukhi Peeth, Karala, Delhi

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