Bagalamukhi Devi and Temple photos

bagala_mukhi_0[1]Bagalamukhi Devi is one of the ten Hindu Goddesses of Power. Bagalamukhi Puja is performed according to Vedic ritual, to defeat enemies.

It not only decreases the power of the enemy, but also creates an atmosphere where they become helpless.

The Abhimantrit Bagalamukhi Yantra is also used for the same purpose. It protects the person from enemies and evils.

The Bagalamukhi temple photos are posted below:





  1. mera bahut man hai mata ke bhawan datia jane ka magar aaj tak jaa nahi paya magar yaha matarani ke mandir ki photos ko dekh kar mujhe kuch shanti si mahsus hui thank you………………………

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