Shree Raajraajeshwari Ma Pitambara Bagalamukhi

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Photo of Shree Raajraajeshwari Ma Pitambara Bagalamukhi



Bagalamukhi Bhrahmastravidhata Siddha Pith Temple is located in Sadguru Darbaar, Daaji Nagar, Near Motinagar Crossing Road, Harni Warasia Ring Road, Vadodara, Gujaraat, India.

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3 Responses to “Shree Raajraajeshwari Ma Pitambara Bagalamukhi”

  1. ram dutt gaur says:


  2. deval desai says:

    I lived in usa since 2002.I pray mata daily. i perform path daily. the information i get from this web is very useful to me. thanks for providing the detals information on maa, jay mataji/

  3. Renu Sharma says:

    Mata baglamukhi is most powerful. Hey Mata Please forgive me for my mistakes towards you and save me from all the evils and make me victorious and Prakrami and defeat all my seen/unseen, known/unknown, hidden/unhidden enemies and please bless me with stability in life and take me to top of my professional career as I am very hard working and sincere to my work. Please also bless me with such a wisdom that I can earn trillions of Rupees myself immediately and live in a dignified way always. Please give me a high moral and success in everything I do. Hey Maa please remove all the demerits of mine and fill me with merits and make me the best and richest person by providing me the opportunities to earn money by legitimate ways always. I should always do welfare of others and at the same time everything and everybody should be in my favor always. I am weak and cannot take any more sorrows in life please make my life happy and Prosperous. Thank you Maa Bglamukhi, Aap ki beti ki taraf se koti koti dhanyawaad.

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