Who should start Bagalamukhi Upashana?

Does your life revolve around threats and bad influences of people?

Are your enemies threatening to win over you?

Do you need to win court disputes?

Do you need to fight injustice ?

If the answer to any of the question is ‘Yes‘ you need to start Bagalamukhi Upashana!

David Frawley in his book "Tantric yoga and the wisdom goddesses: spiritual secrets of Ayurveda" portrays Bagalamukhi as the Goddess of Yoga. Frawley devotes a chapter on the Hypotonic power of Bagalamukhi Ma’s beauty that she uses her face (MUKHI) as a rope (BAGALA) to control or conquer.

Do you have a Guru to guide on how to perform the Bagalamukhi Upashana?

If the answer is ‘Yes‘ – please consult with the Guru.

If the answer is ‘No‘ – don’t worry, pray Lord Ganesh and other gods to be your guru. You can start the Upashana on your own.

Bagalamukhi Upashana Procedure (we will update it here later)



Frawely book in Google Docs.


  1. i want to know more about this upashana and mantras i am face with a lot of problemhere in singapore and in singapore we can’t get a pandit who can help in this type of pooja having deep financial problem i am unable to get others help so i will be greatly appreciated if i can learn it from here

    1. @tara, Thank you for your comment. A full procedure is sent in your email. Please contact us if you need more information.

  2. Namaste!Please, write Bagalamukhi mantra for attracting the whole Universe and Brahmastra mala-mantra in English. Guruji Yogeshwaranad Ji wrote this mantras in Sanskrit.

  3. i request your good self to send procedure of maatha bagala mukhi upaasana………………..i will be very great full to you , sir

  4. I would like to understand and learn the procedure of the Divine Mother’s Upasana. Please send me the information. God Bless.

  5. I am a practising lawyer in Delhi. I have not taken any diksha. I wish to take diksha and perform puja of ma baglamukhi. What is the procedure and how much puja will cost? Please advise.

  6. i am always depressed.i am unable to make progress in my life neither in terms of professional career nor in terms of higer studies.There is a constant problem in my life that everytime i feel like crying.Please give me guidance for Maa Bagalamukhi Upasana.

  7. Please send me the Bagalamukhi Upashana Procedure.
    I am in desperate need of it as I am facing extremely serious threat to me and my family.
    Kindly treat as most urgent.
    Hari Om.

  8. Mataji,
    Me baroda me rehta hu. Muje brahmastra vidhya ki sadhna karne me ruchi he.. kripa karke muje baroda ke “ma baglamukhi brahmastra vidhya mandir ” ka pata or vaha pe jo ye sadhna karvate ho unka contact send kijie…

    Jay mata baglamukhi

    1. Bagalamukhi Bhrahmastravidhata Siddha Pith Temple is located in Sadguru Darbaar, Daaji Nagar, Near Motinagar Crossing Road, Harni Warasia Ring Road, Vadodara, Gujaraat, India.

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