#ChanakyaNeeti – 5 Things You Should Never Talk In Public

This is the age of social network. We talk everything in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It seems Chanakya knew about such a time, more than 2,000 years ago and has given some tips on things we shouldn’t talk in public:

If you don’t know who Chanakya was : He was a teacher, philosopher, economist and royal advisor of ancient Inda. Also known as Kauá¹­ilya or Vishnu Gupta, Chanakya’s teaching are still useful in modern world.

Things you should never talk about in public:

1. You should you never discuss loss of money

You should never discuss about your financial crunch. A financial problem should be kept to yourself.
That is because, when others know you are in trouble, people will run away from you instead of helping. Nobody stays beside a weak person.

2.You should you never discuss your poverty
Chanakya sys, only rich people are respected in the society. As the poor are not respected, you should keep mum about your poverty.

3. Your wife’s personality and character
Men must never talk about the character, attitude or personality of their wives to anybody else. This personal information should be kept to oneself. At the time of Chanakya, only males read his teaching. So, he had addressed his lessons to males. The same thing apply to female too – no women should talk about their husband’s character in public.

4. No personal problems in public
All your personal issues and problems are your own concern. Nobody should know about them and they should be kept secret.

5. Your ego is personal too
Ego is a sign of lack of self confidence. So, if you discuss your ego in public, you are exposing yourself to enemies. Boasting and fighting for your ego will bring harm.

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