How Bagalamukhi Maa helps us in problems?

Most of us are normal people with a lot of problems, normal to everybody. Sometimes the problems become so big that it is not easy to deal with them alone. In such situations we need support from others. We can ask friends and family to help us to deal with big problems. But, in situations when nobody can help us, the ultimate savior is the Goddess. Bagalamukhi Mata is known for being very helpful in such situations. Mata only helps those who have no other way to solve their problems. That is, Mata only helps those who have tried their best and couldn’t solve the problems.

bagalamukhi mata

Four steps to solving a problem:

  • First: you should try to solve the problem yourself.
  • Second: If you are unable to solve it yourself, ask friends and families to help in solving the problem.
  • Third: If no friends or family could help, try to solve it yourself, for the second time.
  • Fourth: If you couldn’t solve it the second time, Bagalamukhi Maa might be able to help you.

Bagalamukhi Maa doesn’t solve your problems; she only offers a helping hand when the problem becomes unbearable. It is you who solves the problem, with the help of Mata. So, it pays to perform Anusthan / Pooja to get the help required to deal with those huge problems. In addition to convincing Mata to help you, the Anusthan also brings peace in your mind and help you think even-headily.

Bagalamukhi Maa doesn’t like when you only remember her at the time of crisis. So, you should make a habit of remembering Mata all the time and perform Niskaam Pooja.

A lot of people say that Niskaam Pooja are only done by the people who seek higher spiritual aims like enlightenment or Mokshya. That is not true, every religious person remembers gods in happiness and sorrow. When they chant Mata’s name, it is not always for an immediate desire of something of selfish nature. So, such remembrances are also Niskaam Pooja.

Bagalamukhi Mantra

Here are six main Bagalamukhi Mantras to start. We will continue writing about each of the mantra and how Bagalamukhi Anusthan is performed in details in coming days.

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bagalamukhi mantra

Jaya Bagalamukhi Maa!


  1. I need a help in performing Maa Bagla mukhi Sadhna. How to do the Anusthan and Vidhi. I have read the vidhi but most are asking big money and put fear od Diksha etc. Please explain in detail or are there any Gurus or Sadhak who can guide me to perform this Sadhna. I have tried all the avenues for the help as you explained above, now I must go to Maa Shaktis Lotus feet. Please help.Thank you.

  2. Hello how are you doing ? Can I aak help from you please?i my problem is I hv goods from Uk and the goods is now in in india after the agent all the payment didn’t delivery the goods and didn’t pick up my calls I don’ t know what to do ? So may I ask help from you about my problme?? Thank you hope you will accepte my request thank you hissam bless you.

  3. I am a catholic but I came to know about matha and I was having back pain it is gone after listening to manthra I come from sri lanka and know nothing pl. help me with cd if you can also I do not know how to do the pooja

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