Bagala Decade – Ten prayers of Bagalamukhi Mata (Prayers 1-3)

Bagala Dashak (Ten prayers of Bagalamukhi Mata)
Bagala Dashak (translates into Bagala Decade) contain five mantras in total. It is named ‘Bagla-Dashak’ because of the ten verses in the prayer.
Start of the prayer:
suvarnaabharanaan deveen, peet-maalyaambaraavrtaam !
brahmaastr-vidyaan bagalaan, vairinaan stambhaneen bhaje !!

Means: I worship Bramastra – Vidya-Swaroop Bagla Bhagwati, who is wearing clothes made of gold and wearing garlands of yellow flowers (Champa) and who is the destroyer of the enemies of the devotee.
The analysis of the main prayer:
Yasminllōkā alōkā aṇu-guru-laghavaḥ sthāvarā jaṅgamāśca!
Samprōtāḥ santi sūtrē maṇaya iva vr̥hat-tattvamāstē̕mbaraṁ tat!!
Pītvā pītyaika-śēṣā pari-laya-samayē bhāti yā sva-prakāśā!
Tasyāḥ pītāmbarāyāstava janani! Guṇān kē vayaṁ vaktumīśāḥ!!

Oh mother! In which this Loka (the Universe), that is worthy of seeing and Aloka (the Heaven and Hell), that is invisible; small like atoms, huge like macro-shaped; stationary and moving; all are packed. They are all packed like the beads in a silk thread. Among them, the biggest element is the sky. Everything including the mysterious universe is a part of the huge sky element.

You Peetambara was the one who swallowed the sky element during the holocaust (Peetam Ambaran Yatha Saa). When everything loses light, you are the only enlightened. I can go on praising you forever and it is an incomplete apotheosis.

2. The second verse of the prayer dives into how Bagalamukhi Mata incorporate the meaning of the holy Mantra – OM (ॐ).

Aadyaistriyaaksharairyad vidhi-hari-girisheenstreen suraan va gunaanshch,
maatraastistropyavasthaah satatamabhidadhat treen svaraan treenshch lokaan!
vedaadyan tyarnamekan vikrti-virahitan beejamon tvaan pradhaanam,
moolan vishvasy turyyan dhvanibhiraviratan vakti tanme shriyo syaat!!

Hey Mother! Pitambar! Bhagwati! the holy monosyllable (Pranav) of three appearances. The holy letter Ohm (ॐ) is derived from the three characters in the form of letters – A + U + M; each letter representing three supreme gods (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh), having three qualities (Sattva, Raja, Tama), having three dimensions (1D, 2D, 3D), three sounds (the Sublime, Grateful, Swaroop), three stages (Awaken, Dreaming, Sushupti), and the three realms (Bhuu, Bhuvas, Swaa) as mentioned in the holy Vedas. You Bagala are the flawless seed of the primordial ॐ (Pranav) that is the representation of all these three elements in you – all three Gods, all three qualities, all three states, all three quantities, all three sounds, and all-key elements in the world. I am grateful that you are going to provide me the prosperity.

3. The third prayer is about the Beeja Mantra of Bagalamukhi Mata (Hlieen).

Sāntē rāntēna vāmākṣaṇi vidhu-kalayā rājitē tvaṁ mahēśi!
Bījāntaḥsthā latēva pravilasasi sadā sā hi māyā sthirēyam.
Japtā śyātā̕pi bhaktairahani niśi haridrākta-vastrāvr̥tēna.
Śatrūn stabhnāti kāntāṁ vaśayati vipadō hanti vittaṁ dadāti.

Hey Maheshi, (explaination of how hleen – ह्ल्रीं is made up in Sanskrit script.) The word is called a permanent love. This is the main seed of Bagala. You remain like a vine on the seed and this single alphabet word is the main prayer of Bagala. One should wear yellow colored clothes, use turmeric beads and sit on a yellow color cushion while chanting the prayer so that the goddess bestows the static-love, control the enemies, remove hurdles, and give wealth and status.


Mauna: Piṭa-piṭmbāra-vālla-vāpū: Kēsarīsina.
Kiriṭa-śāsṭī-sudhā-darāncārcana śumimima
Kurvana pēṭrōliyama: Kar-Dhrit-Rajani-Granthi-Malontalale
yasa tathyakō kāraṇalē pahēnlō ām̐khākō bhittā-javāna mahilā-hupanasa vā gaira-bhiḍiṭa..

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  1. Guru ji,

    I am a person who loves to live a normal life, however, due to some narrow minded people me and my husband had started having problems and had heat up arguments very frequently. I was very upset and I felt that something was wrong, there after I went to a temple and met one pandit ji i have done every pujas wat ever he said.
    After reading lots about maa bangalamukhi, I came to know that she is the one who can protect us from all evils and also from black magics. As a normal person can i do puja for her everyday, so that she protect us and my family from all evils.

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